Kachmarine and Energy Services Limited is a reputable Nigerian company incorporated in 2010 with a global standard perspective that delivers excellent services in energy, maritime, oil, and gas such as tanker and service vessel chartering/commercial management, bunker supply, marine logistic support services, telecommunication support services and procurement for local and international clients.

Kachmarine and Energy Services Limited is fortified with a competent and experienced team with a proven track record. We work closely with maritime, telecommunications, energy, oil, and gas companies in both upstream and downstream business sectors. Our One Point Marine Supply System (OPMaSS) optimizes transactions and means which equip us to offer tailored solutions to a wide range of partners, from oil explorers to drillers, shippers, refiners, oil traders, and telecommunication firms.

We also enjoy an extensive global network of integrated partners regularly, affording us a highly diversified range of exclusive projects that maximize our efficiency in carrying out our day-to-day domestic and international operations.

We pride ourselves as global partners to clients and take our services further than much conventional energy and maritime service companies. We have prioritized our clients’ service needs in all we do and only encourage quality service delivery in line with international best practices.

Kachmarine Energy Services Limited (RC…..) is a reputable maritime, oil and gas operations company with a global standard perspective that delivers excellent services such as: Vessel Chartering and Ship Commercial Management, Ship-to-Ship Transfer, Oil and Gas Trade, Bunkering and Fresh Water Supply, Marine Logistics Support, Transportation and Haulage,  P and I Correspondence, Canal Transit Services, Jetty/Terminal Operations, Towage and Barge Operations, Armed Security Provision, Offshore Support Services, Custom Clearing and Freight Forwarding etc. to various local and international clients in the maritime oil & gas industry globally.

Kachmarine Energy Services Limited was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2010, as a limited liability company under the Companies and Allied Matters Act. That same year, the company was licenced by DPR and NPA and other relevant government agencies both local and internationally to operate as an oil and gas company, as well as a shipping and marine operations service company in Nigeria. We have a subsistent and long-term insurance policy With Mutual Benefits Nigeria PLC, which covers all forms of risk and liabilities in our industry. Our major investment Banker, Zenith Bank PLC provides us the needed capital and funding to execute projects as well as financial advice and consultation.

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Our Clients: